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Documentation index:

1. Setting up a new project

2. Create accordian control on a view page

2. Create autocomplete control on a view page

2.1. Create autocomplete with static content

2.2. Create autocomplete with remote action result

3. Create datepicker control on a view page

4. Create window control on a view page

4.1. Create window control with static content

4.2. Create window control with partial view

4.3. Create window control with remote action result

5. Create progressbar control on a view page

6. Create slider control on a view page

7. Create tabs control on a view page

7.1. Create tabs with static content

7.2. Create tabs with partial view

8. Create splitter control on a view page

8.1. Create splitter control with static content

8.2 Create splitter control with partial view

9. Create pie charts on a view

10. Create charts on a view

10.1. Create bar charts on a view

10.2. Create line charts on a view

10.3. Create area charts on a view

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